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Advanced Dermal Fillers Training Course

Dermal Fillers Training by John Parker Aesthetics

Dermal Fillers Training Course

Dermal Fillers are a popular treatment, it leaves clients with a youthful, hydrated look without the surgery.

This means that you will be trained to work on all facial areas, not just the one or two areas that some providers train you for with just the basic option.

To gain an understanding of the use of dermal fillers in the face specifically for the periorbital and mid facial region.

To appreciate and have knowledge of the different types of fillers currently available and the pros and cons of each treatment.

Discuss and have appreciation of various injection techniques and anatomical considerations.

Tear & Cheek Trough Dermal Filler

John Parkers Training Academy offer treatment and training in the administration of specialised tear and cheek trough filler. As we age the delicate area under our eyes begin to sink and become hollow as lines appear, whilst darkness and bags can appear due to stress, tiredness, age, disease and medication.

The Tear Trough treatment will involve injecting a specialised filler into the tear trough region to help lift, fill and smooth out the area, whilst its light reflecting particles will function to reflect light; lightening and brightening the under eyes, generating an overall more youthful appearance.

Following treatment the results appear immediately, which will typically last for ~9-12 months, whilst common side effects include swelling and bruising; resolving rather quickly.

What Does The Advanced Dermal Fillers Course cover?

The Initial Consultation
  • Client expectations
  • Facial mapping
  • Development of your aesthetic eye
Learn The Different Injections Techniques
  • Linear threading
  • Cross-hatching
  • Feathering
  • Fanning
Everything You Need to Know about Dermal Fillers
  • Treatable areas
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Storage & reconstitution
  • Dosages & injection techniques
How To Combine Anti Wrinkle Injections with Dermal Fillers to Achieve a Desired Look

Learn from an aesthetics expert how to use advance techniques of anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to achieve a better more natural look

Advanced Dermal Fillers Live Hands on Training
  • Vermillion border
  • Cupids bow enhancement
  • Perioral sculpting
  • Deep line rejuvenation
  • Cheek augmentation
Complications and How to Deal with Them

Learn advanced techniques when dealing with complications.

Please Note

This course can only be offered if you are a medic, NVQ level 3 in beauty, phlebotomist, semi permanent makeup artist, micro needling practitioner.

John Parker Aesthetics Training Academy will provide all training however without the above you will not gain your insurance to practice.

Your insurance provider will require you to hold a first aid certificate.

Please call Donna to discuss each course requirements on 07809 21 01 22 and see if you meet the criteria.


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