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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers by John Parker Aesthetics

dermal fillers give a more natural youthful look…

Are all dermal fillers the same?

There are two classes of dermal fillers permanent and temporary. There are fewer permanent fillers available than temporary. The demand is greater for the temporary.

The temporary fillers are absorbed by the body over time, usually in 2-6 months and require repeated treatments to maintain the effect.

Permanent fillers tend to be used to add volume to the face and other areas such as hands. If you are considering having this treatment, you need to be sure that the outcome will meet your needs.

Can I use my own fat as a dermal filler?

Yes. The procedure is unique as it removes fat from one area of your body and transfers it to the area of concern.

The main advantage of this is that it removes the risk of allergic reaction.

What is involved in this treatment?

A local anesthetic is applied to the area to numb any sensation. The dermal fillers are then injected just below the surface of the skin. Ice is then applied to reduce swelling and bruising.

How will I know what is the right filler for me?

You will have a full consultation with your practitioner who will discuss your areas of concern and the outcome you desire.

How long will the treatment session last?

This is dependent upon the area treated and the filer being injected. To give you an idea, it is between 30 minutes for small areas and up to 2 hours for fat transfer.

How often will need treatments?

It depends on you as an individual, and the dermal filler used. Usually temporary fillers last between between 2-6 months.

How do I know the clinic is safe?

Always choose a qualified advanced Nurse Practitioner, Doctor or Dentist who has a minimum of 5 years working in the field of aesthetics to perform this, or any aesthetic cosmetic procedure.


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