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Vampire Facelift®

the Vampire Facelift® by John Parker Aesthetics…

the Vampire Facelift® creating platelet rich plasma, from you to you…

Step 1

The practitioner draws a similar amount of blood required for a basic lab test.

Step 2

The practitioner places the blood into a centrifuge and spins the blood at a very rapid rate to separate the platelets from the other components of the blood.

Step 3

The platelets are activated by using one of two methods that are natural to your body. This activation of platelets is the final step in producing your very own platelet-rich-plasma.


The best way to visualise PRP is to remember the yellow “goo” that surrounded the scab you had when you fell on your knee as a child. The thickening of the serum to form that yellow material holds specific growth factors in place that call stem cells to the area and activates them to create new skin.

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